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About Us...

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All Virtues is a brand created to focus on life development. All Virtues Life focuses totalling on us as a people. We are here to educate and give your mind and body just what it needs.

All Virtues Life is not just a company but an experience of two individuals, who have made some major changes to their lives, who wish to share everything they have learnt, witnessed and felt throughout their journey of self-awareness and self-love.

We look at how our bodies cleanse, repair and fuel themselves. What foods we should be consuming and what benefits they have for our bodies in these areas. We use the fruits, vegetables, herbs and various super foods, that the earth naturally provides us, to create the many food items we meticulously create.

Every living thing is made up of the same components. Every living thing grows, repairs & cleanses itself, & requires an intake of the same components to carry out these tasks, stay strong & healthy throughout its lifetime. We are no different, in this aspect, to other animals & even plants, no matter how different we live compared to the other millions of species we share this earth with.

Comparing to the other species, we are the only ones to have an incredible abundance of illness, disease & obesity. Out the millions of livings things amongst us, living in the same environment, why just us?. It's simple; the food!

The majority of us are consuming a diet that is inadequate for the human body. We are conditioned from a young age to think that we need meat, dairy and starch to source the minerals required to live a healthy life. It is, & has been for many years, quite apparent that this is not the case and is doing the opposite, causing pain and suffering to millions of people, & on top of that our environment.

We are on a mission to change this perception and help people understand how to be human again. Not Vegan or Vegetarian, 


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All our food is completely plant based, we do not work with meat, poultry, dairy or eggs. We also aim to steer clear of starches and wheat, & will be using natural grains such as spelt. All our fruit and vegetables are sourced from a local market with a great reputation of supplying delicious, fresh produce. The ingredients in all of our products are derived from the earth as nature intended.

All Virtues Life is conscious of the environment and the harm that is placed upon to the planet. Just as we focus on helping people become the best versions of themselves, we pay the same attention to the earth. We aim for our packaging to be compostable, reusable or at least recyclable. We use glass containers for our meal packages, which are replaced every morning with fresh food in a fresh container.

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We make every effort to ensure that all ingredients maintains its natural state. We aim to source fresh, organic produce, which is stored in its ideal environment and ripened to its tastiest from. Nothing is frozen, nor do we use any preservatives or add any sugar to our products. Preparation of every meal is done from scratch by hand as if it was made at home. You are guaranteed the highest quality.

In this day and age it can be very difficult due to the way of the food industry, time spent dedicated to work and family, and simply the fast-paced life we live to prepare healthy meals for the whole family on a daily basis. The same for the majority of the elderly, & some virtually impossible. We have an excellent delivery system to enable you to eat fresh and healthy every day without any waste packaging.

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Life is meant to be enjoyed and celebrated, we believe the events we create should reflect this. A successful event is when your guest are made to feel welcome and comfortable, as if making them feel at home. Delicious, homemade, healthy food & hospitality should not be restricted to the home. Make your occasion one to remember by treating your guests to an experience they will not want to end. 

We take food safety and hygiene very seriously. Everything we use is fresh so it is rare that we have to store food for long periods of time. Food preparation guidelines & standards we have created ensure food is prepared to the highest standard of hygiene. We have also spared no expense even for our market stall to make sure our hygiene standards maintain our level 5 hygiene rating.

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We Want Everybody To Feel Comfortable To Ask Us Anything!

So Any Questions You May Like To Ask We Would Be More Than Happy To Answer Them Personally.

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