Calm Chamomile.


Rest easy with this soothing bedtime blend that will send you off to your dreamland quickly. We have crafted this sleep saving tonic with sweet chamomile, valerian, lavender and rose petals. Valerian is a sedative herb that has been used for centuries to aid those suffering with insomnia. Chamomile is naturally calming; it will help ease your mind. Bedtime is a mild blend that promotes calm, sound sleep, and will help you to wake up feeling well rested. We recommended that you drink this infusion before bedtime to increase the quality of your sleep.


Extremely fresh, naturally sweet, and cooling whilst at the same time very relaxing.


15 Tea bags per pack


Chamomile Flower

Valerian Root

Rose Petals




Use one tea bag per 250ml of spring water.

Heat up water to 95C/205F and steep for 4-6 minutes.

Bedtime Tea