What a better way to end your day! Himalayan salt helps in a deep relaxation, stiff and aching muscles, soothes the nervous system and detoxifies the body – feel your stress just float away. This blend is mixed with chamomile and lavender which has calming and healing effect on our skin & body and promotes a deep sleep. In fact, magnesium increases serotonin (happiness and relaxation hormones) production in our brain – which is why Epsom salt is also good for the mind. It helps to release stress and depression.

Sweet Dreams Bath Salt

  • Ingredients

    Epsom Salt (Magnesium Sulphate)




    Lavender Essential Oil

  • How To Use

    Dissolve salt mixture in a hot bath of approximative 36 – 49 C to create a perfect luxurious bath experience. Relax and soak for around 20- 30 minutes. You will already feel the benefits after soaking for 15 minutes. A reusable fabric muslin bag is part of the package, to help you keep the bath clean. For a more moisturizing effect for your skin feel free to add a tablespoon of olive or coconut oil. (Please be aware, the bath can be very slippery from the oil) Take a two hours rest after bathing with salt.


    For muscle relaxation:

    Use 250 g of salt per regular size bath.


    For general wellbeing:

    Use 100 g-to 200g and soak for 10 minutes while it works its magic.


    For body scrub:

    It can remove dead and hardened skin when rubbed on the skin. 

  • Use With Care

    Our bath salts are for external use only and not for consumption. Some people may claim drinking Epsom Salt water can help in detoxification – we do not recommend this as it can cause damage in the colon and can cause diarrhea.


    We ask you not to use our salt products with open wound or with burn and avoid contact with eyes. Seek dermatologist advise for use on children and infants. In case of pregnancy or other concerns consult your GP first. Keep out of reach of children.