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Yoga is a system of development,

Spiritually, Mentally, Socially & Physically.

The purpose of Yoga is to stimulate harmony within the

Mind, Body & Environment.

Yoga is a practice that All Virtues Life takes very seriously. We work meticulously to produce the same development. The world in which we live in currently has found its essence to be corrupted, and distanced us from our natural balance. 

Life Is Not About Finding Yourself, It Is About Creating Yourself

All Virtues Life recognise the missing link in maintaining a balance & developing Physically, mentally, socially & spiritually; diet!

We find huge efforts are put into practices, such as yoga & meditation, however the same efforts are lacking in understanding the fundamentals & importance of eating a diet that compliments the human body. Without the correct diet, the results &  benefits of these practices become greatly reduced & in some cases ineffective.

The condition of your body is the first step to finding & maintaining balance. Without the correct diet your bodies chemical balance is disrupted, this effects your entire system slowing you down Physically, corrupting you mentally & emotionally which in turn disconnects you socially & spiritually.

We believe that diet is the foundation & the initial step that should be taken to develop, heal & enhance ourself & without proper attention your results are limited.

Our minds & bodies are the tools we use to experience all things great. Maintain them & keep them sharp!

Are you hosting a retreat and looking for the perfect catering to enhance your guests experience?

All Virtues Life can create your guests detailed, timed & specific meal plans based around your retreat schedule, providing delicious, colourful, nutritionally balanced & powerful plant based food.

We will leave your guests feeling cared for, loved & nourished, adding another perfect compliment to the experience you are offering.

Image by Jon Flobrant

We are a very unique catering company, as we have put a lot of work into studying the body biologically & focused on how the body cleanses, builds, repairs & functions overall, especially focusing on what the body should be consuming to maximise these processes.


yoga & other rejuvenation rituals need to be accompanied by the correct diet so the individual can truly benefit and maximise the experience of being uplifted to a heightened state.


Uplift your guests higher & maximise the experience with 

All Virtues Life.


From rise til shut eyes give your guests the ultimate experience. Trust All Virtues Life to provide

the ultimate yoga retreat catering 

Start planning now! 

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